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Chestnuts and Keto Diet - Are They Keto-Friendly

Article author photo Elen Khachatrian by Elen Khachatrian | Last updated on August 11, 2023
Medically reviewed by Ani Harutyunyan Article author photo Ani Harutyunyan

Are Chestnuts Keto?

Nuts with high fiber and protein can be a healthy addition to your Ketogenic diet. However, those nuts, which are high in carbs, primarily net carbs, should be avoided in Keto, as they can kick you out of ketosis.

Chestnuts are high in net carbs. They fall in the range of the top 26% of foods as a source of net carbs, containing 27.76g per 100 g.

This number of net carbs makes them unsuitable for a Keto Diet (1).

You can also visit the Chestnut Nutrition page to see the complete nutritional profile of these nuts.

One serving size of raw chestnuts (28.35 grams) provides:

Calories: 37

Protein: 0.56 grams

Fat: 0.4 grams

Total carbs: 8 grams, all are net carbs

Net Carbs

A standard Keto Diet recommends keeping your net carb intake between 20g-30g per day (for 2000 calorie diet). Chestnuts have 8g of net carbs per serving, so by consuming three servings of chestnuts, you will cross the net carb limit of Keto.


Chestnuts are not Keto-friendly due to their net carbs content.

Besides, chestnuts are low in fats: only 1.38g of fats per 100g. The low-fat and high carbs content is the opposite of the Keto diet recommendation for macronutrient ratio (1).


Article author photo Elen Khachatrian
Education: Nutrition & Microbiology at YSU
Last updated: August 11, 2023
Medically reviewed by Ani Harutyunyan
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