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About Us

The importance of reliable information about the food you consume can hardly be overestimated.

Whether you aim to maintain healthy eating habits or simply find trustworthy content about any specific food, our mission is to help you get the most out of your experience.


As an Encyclopedia of Food & Nutrition, Foodstruct is here to help people analyze their current or target dietary routines; stick to the recommendations provided by USDA and other trusted authority institutions; stay healthy and happy. 

Our goal is to remain comprehensive yet simple, credible, and fast. Both individuals of almost all ages and food professionals and health specialists in different spheres can benefit from the various technical tools, including a unique food search that allows you to find food based on several parameters at once. Say you need the lists of foods “High in iron and Vitamin C and low in Calcium". All you need to do is make use of the comprehensive search tool. 

Food comparison, another Foodstruct tool, helps you get a complete picture of two food products and make well-informed choices. This section also allows people to get rid of prejudices or myths related to various diets & and everyday food habits. 

Diet analyzer, gives you an exceptional chance to see the essential issues with various famous predefined diets and identify problems they might entail. More importantly, if you simply input your personal current or target diet, the analyzer will instantly find and highlight all of the possible issues with deficiency and overconsumption and help you achieve healthier goals with more ease. 

Aside from the tools and analyzers, the Project contains hundreds of articles written by highly qualified nutritionists and medical specialists covering the popular topics in more detail. 


Foodstruct’s mission is to give everybody around the world access to easily understandable, comprehensive, and valid information about food and its impact on health. 

To this end, we make sure our articles and the rest of the content are written and reviewed by qualified experts in the spheres of nutrition studies and medicine, as well as by researchers and editors who aim to reinsure the content is understandable, fact-checked, and in conformity with Foodstruct Missions and Guidelines. 

All Foodstruct content is based solely on highly reliable sources mostly consisting of scientific research papers and articles in reputable science journals. All primary sources have to be specified and the corresponding links provided. 

Our nutritionists and health experts update both our articles and individual food charts on regular basis. The latters were generated by our software and based on the database provided by USDA Food Central. 

As science advances, newer data immerses, and we do our best to keep you updated by citing newer studies and by incorporating newer findings into our existing articles. 


The Foodstruct Nutrition & Medical Content Team is composed of experts specializing in various healthcare spheres including General Medicine, Nutrition Studies, Biology, Psychology, Sport studies, and Dietology. 

Foodstruct Nutrition & Medical Experts works passionately to bring together the variety of their expertise in the field of research and fact-checking and to ensure that the content is easily digestible, highly informative, and scientifically accurate.  

Meet the team

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The primary source of information is the FDA Food Central (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which is the primary source of advice on this web resource.
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