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Glycemic index of foods with no carbohydrates

The glycemic index is a tool that measures the glycemic response of a food containing a set amount of carbohydrates, over a set period of time. The glycemic response is the appearance of glucose in the bloodstream following food intake. This value depends on how much glucose enters the bloodstream through the intestines, how much of the glucose is absorbed, how quickly it clears from the bloodstream and how well the liver regulates glucose release (1).

Looking at this description, it is clear that the glycemic index value depends completely on the glucose metabolism. Foods containing no carbohydrates naturally do not lead to glucose absorption and ,therefore, do not have a glycemic index. The glycemic index is measured only for carbohydrate containing foods (2).


Article author photo Victoria Mazmanyan
Collected & medically reviewed by: Victoria Mazmanyan
Education: Yerevan State Medical University
Last updated: March 3, 2021
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