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Halva and Keto Diet - Is It Keto-Friendly

Article author photo Elen Khachatrian by Elen Khachatrian | Last updated on August 09, 2023
Medically reviewed by Jack Yacoubian Article author photo Jack  Yacoubian

Is Halva Keto?

Halva is based on tahini which is sesame derived. It contains high amounts of added sugar. Thus, it is not a food a keto food. 

Halva has a small amount of fiber and a high amount of net carbs, 56g per 100g and 16g per serving accordingly.

In summary, the number of net carbs makes halva unsuitable for a Keto Diet.

You can also visit the Halva Nutrition page for its complete nutritional profile.

One serving size of halva (28.35 grams) provides:

Calories: 117

Protein: 4g

Fat: 6

Total carbs: 17

Fiber: 1g

Net Carbs

A standard Keto Diet recommends a net carb daily consumption of 20g - 30g. Of 17g of carbs per serving, halva provides 16 net carbs. So consuming a serving of halva will reach the net carbs limit in keto.

Sugar-Free Keto Halva

Although traditional halva is high in net carbs due to its sugar content, there are healthy and sugar-free alternatives to halva. These alternatives contain a tiny amount of net carbs, making them suitable for the keto diet. The ingredients are tahini, erythritol, and water. According to the International Food Information Council, erythritol (a type of carb that does not count toward net carbs) is a sugar alcohol with zero net carbs and is considered keto-friendly.

In the case of the keto diet, try sugar-free keto halva.


Halva is not Keto-friendly due to its net carbs content. It is high in overall carbs and sugars.


Article author photo Elen Khachatrian
Education: Nutrition & Microbiology at YSU
Last updated: August 09, 2023
Medically reviewed by Jack Yacoubian
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