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Diet analysis online: complete nutrition evaluation

Enter all the foods you ate on one single day and we will analize your diet for possible vitamin / mineral deficiencies, USDA recommendation violations and other problems
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Cholesterol - 124%
Selenium - 56%
100g remove
French toast
Cholesterol - 17%
Selenium - 16%
43g remove
Water - 12%
Calcium - 1%
237g remove
Turkey meat
Protein - 58%
Selenium - 46%
85g remove
Vitamin K - 57%
Vitamin A - 53%
36g remove
Vitamin A - 4%
Vitamin C - 4%
27g remove
Vitamin K - 56%
Fats - 32%
27.6g remove
Sugars - 17%
Fiber - 9%
149g remove
Vitamin A - 408%
Vitamin K - 20%
122g remove
Vitamin A - 78%
Vitamin K - 27%
91g remove
Vitamin B12 - 154%
Selenium - 72%
85g remove
Protein - 41%
Phosphorus - 33%
170g remove
Vitamin C - 37%
Vitamin B6 - 25%
170g remove
Protein - 36%
Selenium - 35%
60g remove
Green bean
Vitamin K - 54%
Vitamin A - 14%
100g remove
Vitamin B6 - 22%
Sugars - 16%
118g remove

Analysis results

Nutrient deficiency detected
You have problems with some vitamins, they are missing. Look at list below
Recommendation to solve the issue
Cod liver oil Sunflower seed Celery Oregano
Cinnamon Table salt Cocoa solids Tarragon Flax Guava Caviar Oyster
Overconsumption problems
Cut down on this foods
USDA Saturated Fat Law
Less than 10 percent of calories per day from saturated fats
Your diet contains 9 percent of calories from saturated fats
USDA Added Sugar Law
Less than 10 percent of calories per day from added sugars
Your diet contains 0 percent of calories from added sugars
Glycemic index
The average glycemic index of your diet is 30
Please be aware that consuming high glycemic diet can lead to diabetes
Foods good for both deficiency and overconsumption issues
Foods high in Vitamin D, low in Vitamin A
True morels Chorizo Bologna sausage Pepperoni
Foods high in Vitamin E , low in Vitamin A
Sunflower oil Rice bran oil Grape seed oil Babassu oil
Daily required dosage is calculated based on AI (Adequate Intake) values defined by National Academy of Sciences for males 31-50 years. You can change that to Daily Values by U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Upper values are calculated based on UL (Upper Intake) values defined by National Academy of Sciences for males 31-50 years

In case you are using Daily Values (DV) as the base for calculations, please note that daily values are presented for 2000 calorie diet. Please also note that Daily Values and Upper Intakes are results of different studies. Therefore if the Daily Value (DV) is selected as the lower bound, but UL (Upper Intake) is selected as the upper bound, some contradictions may appear. In order to avoid these contradictions some of the values are adjusted by FoodStruct's administration.

Pay attention that even some famous diets created by authority institutions may have problems for one or more nutrient. One of those examples, a plan created by NHLBI(National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute) is presented in our presents above. It's important to understand though, that most diets are defined on weekly or even monthly basis and that a one-day diet is not enough to evaluate the whole plan. It's more approximations that are used here.


Vitamin A: 30,964.7 IU of 3,000 IU 1,032%
Vitamin E : 4.2 mg of 15 mg 28%
Vitamin D: 2.7 µg of 15 µg 18%
Vitamin C: 80.1 mg of 90 mg 89%
Vitamin B1: 1.0 mg of 1 mg 81%
Vitamin B2: 2.3 mg of 1 mg 177%
Vitamin B5: 6.0 mg of 5 mg 119%
Vitamin B6: 3.0 mg of 1 mg 228%
Vitamin B12: 14.0 µg of 2 µg 583%
Vitamin K: 181.6 µg of 120 µg 151%


Calcium: 467.8 mg of 1,000 mg 47%
Iron: 10.0 mg of 8 mg 124%
Magnesium: 278.1 mg of 420 mg 66%
Phosphorus: 1,305.3 mg of 700 mg 186%
Potassium: 3,267.3 mg of 4,700 mg 70%
Sodium: 889.5 mg of 1,500 mg 59%
Zinc: 10.7 mg of 11 mg 97%
Copper: 2.9 mg of 1 mg 318%
Manganese: 1.7 mg of 2 mg 75%
Selenium: 143.8 µg of 55 µg 262%
Choline: 495.1 mg of 550 mg 90%

Basic nutrients

Protein: 109.5 g of 56 g 196%
Carbs: 128.1 g of 130 g 99%
Water: 1,307.2 g of 3,700 g 35%
Fiber: 21.1 g of 38 g 56%

Amino Acids

Tryptophan: 1,010 mg of 280 mg 361%
Threonine: 4,022 mg of 1,050 mg 383%
Isoleucine: 3,883 mg of 1,400 mg 277%
Leucine: 7,067 mg of 2,730 mg 259%
Lysine: 7,466 mg of 2,100 mg 356%
Methionine: 2,403 mg of 1,050 mg 229%
Phenylalanine: 3,692 mg of 1,750 mg 211%
Valine: 4,378 mg of 1,820 mg 241%
Histidine: 2,644 mg of 700 mg 378%
The main source of information is USDA Food Composition Database (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
Dietary Guidelines for Americans is used as the primary source for advice in this web resource
Data provided by FoodStruct.com should be considered and used as information only. Please consult your physician before beginning any diet.