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Carrot glycemic index (GI)

Article author photo Elen Khachatrian by Elen Khachatrian | Last updated on November 09, 2023
Medically reviewed by Jack Yacoubian Article author photo Jack  Yacoubian

According to the numbers from The International Tables of Glycemic Index and based on the mean of five studies, the glycemic index of carrots is about 39.

The glycemic index of a raw carrot from Australia is 35±5 (1).

Another research shows that carrots from Bangladesh have a glycemic index of 23 (2). Carrots from Romania have the lowest glycemic index, equal to 16 (3).

The GI for boiled carrots falls in the range of 32±8. The GI of freshly made carrot juice from Australia falls in the range of 43±3 (1).

Carrot cake, prepared with coconut flour, has a glycemic index of 39, whereas carrot muffins have a higher glycemic index. It is about 59 (3).

A carrot is a non-starchy vegetable. For people with diabetes, non-starchy vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet

A medium-sized carrot contains only 4 grams of carbs. Foods low in carbs and low on the glycemic index tend not to impact blood sugar levels positively.

Carrots contain potent antioxidants, which demonstrated α-amylase and α-glucosidase inhibitory activities in type 2 diabetes (4).

You can find the glycemic index chart for more than three hundred foods and beverages by following the link.


  2. Glycemic index determination of vegetable and fruits in healthy Bangladeshi subjects
Article author photo Elen Khachatrian
Education: Nutrition & Microbiology at YSU
Last updated: November 09, 2023
Medically reviewed by Jack Yacoubian

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