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About Us

The aim of the Project foodstruct is to help people analyse their diet, control their diet, be aware of the consequences of their current or possible diet, stick to the recommendations provided by USDA and other trusted and authority institutions, to stay healthy.

The project contains various technical tools that can help you in achieving this. A unique food search allows you to find find food based not only on one condition as "High In Iron" as usual but more complex searches like "High in iron and Vitamin C and low in Calcium".

The other section called "Food comparison" helps to get rid of some prejudice or myths that are often full in one's mind. For instance one might think that rice is just super, but can realize that it's good but not as good as we used to think, after comparing it to Buckwheat or Bulgur. The same happens when you compare an apple with an egg.

At the same time the main tool of the project is the Diet analyzer. You can analyze many predefined existing famous diets and see how many problems do they contain, but more importantly you can simply input your own diet and see your own problems. The analyzer will quickly find and highlight your all deficiency and overconsumption problems as well as problems with some of the rules or recommendations defined by USDA.

Aside from the mathematical tools and analyzers the Project contains hundreds of articles covering some of the topics in more details. Our content is written based on data provided by USDA and the charts and analysis generated by our own software.

Content Writing

The content at is written by people who have medical or nutritional education. The content might be checked for writing styles etc by a linguistic person as well after it is written, but the initial writing is performed by a person with corresponding education. There are some articles that were written by non-medical writers at early stages of the project in 2017, but these articles were reviewed at later stages by people with relevant professions. 

After writing the articles we don’t abandon them. We know that new nutrition studies can be performed and we monitor them constantly. As soon as we find one that might affect our content, we scan our articles and make corresponding adjustments.

The charts and graphical content were generated by our software based on a database provided by US Food Central. The charts are constantly reviewed by our nutrition team. 

Nutrition and Medical Content Team

Here is the list of the people who wrote the textual content of the resource.

Article author photo Zvart Movsisyan

Zvart works in clinical labarory and sees the molecules we discuss with her own eyes every day. She studied biochemistry in 2 different universities

Yerevan State Medical university after M.Heratsi Clinical laboratory diagnostics 2013 - 2015
Russian-armenian (Slavonic) university Medical biochemistry 2006 - 2012

Article author photo Christelle  Tchakerian

Christelle Is a licensed biologist who received training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to guide clients in achieving their health goals using unique nutrition theories, namely, primary and secondary food, crowding out, bio individuality

Institute for Integrative Nutrition - New York
Masters of Sciences in Public Health Nutrition American University 

Article author photo Victoria Mazmanyan

Victoria is a young professional who is always up to date with all fresh medical studies, experimental research as well as old proven works of famous academies and institutions. 

Yerevan State Medical University

Article author photo Jack  Yacoubian

Besides medical education Jack has a clinical laboratory experience and a good experience with online websites and social media 

Ba In Medical Laboratory, Haigazian University 
Biology, Lebanese University
Medicine, Yerevan State Medical University

Article author photo Arpi Gasparyan

Arpi is a young professional with the focus on science. While some doctors are only interested in practice, Arpi spends her time attending scientific forums and seminars. She started to work with FoodStruct in May 2021.

Yerevan State Medical University

Article author photo Razmik Sargsyan

Razmik is a professional with practical experience in clinical laboratories. He is currently working in the Lichen research group and working on his PhD. Razmik already has several publications in local and international journals.

Masters degree in Biology - YSU
PhD at YSU - current

Article author photo Astghik Grigoryan

Astghik manages some articles in Russian and Armenian sections of the website. Specialized in texts that explore the foods that are high in specific nutrients.

Yerevan State Medical University

Article author photo David Alanakyan

Applied mathematician by profession David tries to apply mathematics in nutrition. 

Geometrical similarity in food graphs was one of the topics that were analyzed and also applied in Foodstruct.

Sometimes David even writes some articles which are reviewed my medical staff before being published

Applied mathematics in Yerevan State University

Article author photo Elen Khachatrian

Elen is Nutritionist and microbiologist and an active member of 'Young Biologists Association'. She's always there with an advice when the team needs to look at the things from the biological point of view

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Qualification of a Teacher - YSU
Master of Science in Microbiology and Biotechnology - YSU

Article author photo Tatevik  Stepanyan

Tatev has more than 8 years of experience in online food blogging. Passionate about nutrition and healthy eating, she enjoys writing about food.

Tatev’s articles who touch scientific material are reviewed by our scientific staff.

Yerevan State University after V. Brusov

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