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The aim of the Project foodstruct is to help people analyse their diet, control their diet, be aware of the consequences of their current or possible diet, stick to the recommendations provided by USDA and other trusted and authority institutions, to stay healthy.

The project contains various technical tools that can help you in achieving this. A unique food search allows you to find find food based not only on one condition as "High In Iron" as usual but more complex searches like "High in iron and Vitamin C and low in Calcium".

The other section called "Food comparison" helps to get rid of some prejudice or myths that are often full in one's mind. For instance one might think that rice is just super, but can realize that it's good but not as good as we used to think, after comparing it to Buckwheat or Bulgur. The same happens when you compare an apple with an egg.

At the same time the main tool of the project is the Diet analyzer. You can analyze many predefined existing famous diets and see how many problems do they contain, but more importantly you can simply input your own diet and see your own problems. The analyzer will quickly find and highlight your all deficiency and overconsumption problems as well as problems with some of the rules or recommendations defined by USDA.

Aside from the mathematical tools and analyzers the Project contains hundreds of articles covering some of the topics in more details. Our content is written based on data provided by USDA and the charts and analysis generated by our own software. Please note that our QA team had a long training and discussion in Yerevan state medical university Most of our content is written by people with medical education. The piece of content that written by our food bloggers that do not have full medical education is always reviewed by the colleagues with corresponding education.

Here is the list of the people who wrote the textual content of the resource.

Zvart Movsisyan

Yerevan State Medical university after M.Heratsi Clinical laboratory diagnostics 2013 - 2015

Russian-armenian (Slavonic) university Medical biochemistry 2006 - 2012

Tatev Stepanian

Master's degree, The Yerevan State University after V. Brusov Translation Studies, International Journalism, Nutrition trainings

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