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Soursop vs Jackfruit - Health impact and Nutrition Comparison



In this article, we will explore the nutritional aspects of very exotic fruits. Jackfruit is a tropical tree fruit grown in Asia, Africa, and South America. Soursop is a fruit grown in the tropical regions of America. On the outside, these fruits have some similarities; both are green, often oval, and have a spiny shell. Nevertheless, nutritionally they are different. We are going to discuss their nutritional compositions and what effects they have on health


Soursop, known as graviola, guyabano, belongs to the Annona genus (Annona muricata). This fruit has a creamy texture, and strong flavor [1]. Jackfruit belongs to the Artocarpus genus (Artocarpus heterophyllus) and is known as the jack tree [2]. Soursop is a spiny fruit that may weigh up to 6 pounds. Jackfruit bears the largest fruit of all trees, reaching between 15 and 33 pounds.


Although people often compare these two fruits, nutritionally they are different. To understand that let’s look at each of them individually. The detailed description and the nutrition infographic are presented below.


Overall, jackfruit contains more calories, proteins, and fat, each jackfruit has about 95 calories per 100g, while each soursop contains 66 calories per 100 g.

The amount of food energy in soursop is about 621 kJ. This is higher than in jackfruit, it has 527 kJ. Jackfruit contains 2 grams of fats, 38 grams of carbs. The fats and carbs level in soursop is two times lesser than in jackfruit [3] [4]


Jackfruit and soursop contain different vitamins in different amounts. Overall, jackfruit is richer in vitamins. The amount of Vitamins A, E, B1, B6 and, Folate is higher in this fruit. Jackfruit contains 5 times more Vitamin A and Vitamin E than soursop. The level of Folate in jackfruit is 71% higher than in soursop [3] [5].

Other Vitamins

The amount of Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6, again, is higher in jackfruit. On the other hand, soursop contains almost 10% more Vitamin C than jackfruit. Both fruits are equal in Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B5, and completely lack vitamin D, Vitamins B12, and B9 [3] [5]. 


The amount of minerals in these fruits is almost equal. Jackfruit contains more Potassium, Manganese, Calcium, and Zinc. Nevertheless, the level of some vitamins in soursop is higher. It contains almost two times more Iron than jackfruit. The level of Copper and Phosphorus is also higher [1] [6].  


Potassium is an important mineral. It supports blood pressure, cardiovascular health and may help to reduce the risk of kidney stones. Adults should be consuming at least 100 milligrams of potassium daily to support key processes. The level of Potassium in jackfruit and soursop does not differ much; however, jackfruit contains more potassium, than soursop. It has 303 mg potassium, whereas soursop contains 278 mg of this mineral [6] [7].


The total amount of sugars, including glucose, fructose, lactose, is higher in jackfruit, than in soursop. Each jackfruit contains two times more sugars; 31g, while each soursop contains 14g sugars per 100 g [1] [8].

Glycemic Index   

The Glycemic Index is a relative ranking of carbohydrates in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels. Jackfruit has a much higher glycemic index than soursop, the difference is about 75. According to studies, soursop falls under the category of having a low GI value [8] [9].


The acidity of fruits can change, depending on growing conditions. Overall, studies show that jackfruit is more acidic than soursop. The acidity of jackfruit ranges from 4.70 to 5.72. The pH of soursop is about 7.5. [8][10].

Weight Loss  

Research shows that fiber may help people decrease the risk of high blood pressure, feel full longer and satisfied, which may reduce the total number of calories they eat. Accordingly, eating fruits that contain high levels of fiber will help you with your weight loss struggles. Soursop, in this case, is categorized as low calories fruit; it contains high levels of fiber, fewer sugars, less saturated fat, and has a lower glycemic index than jackfruit, which means this fruit is preferable in the case of diets [1] [11].

Health Benefits

The health benefits of jackfruit and soursop have been attributed to their wide range of physicochemical applications. We will discuss the functional, medicinal, and physiological properties of these fruits.

Blood pressure

One of the major risk factors for the development of heart disease is high blood pressure. The functional components of jackfruit and soursop such as potassium, fiber, and antioxidants may help to lower blood pressure and reversing the effects of sodium that causes a rise in blood pressure that affects the heart and blood vessels. Moreover, potassium keeps electricity flowing throughout your body, and that’s required to keep your heart beating. The level of potassium in these fruits is almost equal; therefore, these fruits are good for your heart [8] [12].  

Cardiovascular Health 

Besides all this, jackfruit has a high level of Vitamin B6, which helps reduce homocysteine levels in the blood thus lowering the risk of heart disease. Moreover, soursop has some components, such as muscarinic, histaminergic that have hypotensive effects [8] [12].

Improving skin health

These fruits provide several nutrients and antioxidants, such as vitamin C, that may improve skin health. Soursop contains high levels of Vitamin C, which may help to stop the aging clock. On the other hand, jackfruit is rich in Vitamins, especially, Vitamin E and B-complex, which are wonderfully nourishing for your skin. Moreover, the potassium that they contain may help keep your skin moisturized and hydrated [1] [8].

Strengthening the bone

According to studies, fruits, which contain high levels of magnesium, may help in strengthening bones. Jackfruit contains more magnesium than soursop. This mineral works with calcium to prevent bone‐related disorders such as osteoporosis [8] [11].


Food with a low glycemic index can help you balance your blood sugar levels. Soursop has been estimated to have a lower glycemic index than jackfruit. According to studies, diabetic rats were injected with soursop extract for two weeks. The first group, who received the extract, had blood sugar levels that were five times lower than the untreated group. More research on humans is needed,  however, these results suggest that soursop may be beneficial for diabetics when combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle [9] [13].


There is a widespread misconception that soursop can make traditional cancer therapies work better. Experts warn the anti-cancer activity of this fruit has not been studied in humans․ As a result, there is no evidence of its safety or efficacy [14]․ Jackfruit has phytonutrients, such as isoflavones, and saponins contribute to its anticancer, antihypertensive, antiulcer properties. In particular, these elements work against stomach ulcers in the human body [8].

Preventing anemia

Both these fruits contain high levels of iron. which helps to prevent anemia and also helps in proper blood circulation. Simply put, these fruits can prevent anemia [8].  

Anti-inflammation effect

Some studies have reported the anti-inflammation effects of jackfruit. These fruits contain high levels of flavonoids that are effective in inhibiting the release of inflammatory mediators from the mast cells, neutrophils. Jackfruit also has antifungal activity. The lectin, named jackin, isolated from this fruit, has the ability to inhibit the growth of some fungi [15].

According to studies, soursop contains antibacterial properties as well. Soursop was able to inhibit the growth of multiple types of bacteria, including strains that cause gingivitis, tooth decay [16].

Downsides and Risks 


Jackfruit allergy can be added to the list of birch pollen‐related food allergies. That means some people may be allergic to jackfruit if they are also allergic to birch pollen [17].

The symptoms usually include itching in the mouth, in rare cases rhinoconjunctivitis and mild asthmatic symptoms․ 

Other side effects

Animal studies show soursop has blood sugar-lowering effects, so it may have additive effects when taken with diabetic medications. Clinical relevance has yet to be determined. Besides, repeated use may cause liver and kidney toxicity and that side effects of soursop may include movement disorders and myeloneuropathy [18].

Nevertheless, there is not any report to cause any serious side effects, and it is safe for most people to eat. Rarely, jackfruit might cause sleepiness and drowsiness [17]. 


Overall, jackfruit contains more vitamins, minerals, protein, and calories than soursop. On the other hand, soursop has a lower glycemic index, less sugar, saturated fat than jackfruit. Soursop contains 7 times more sodium than jackfruit, also, the level of Vitamin C is 59% higher in this fruit.


Article author photo Elen Khachatrian
Profession: Nutrition & Microbiology at YSU
Last updated: March 9, 2021


Soursop vs Jackfruit infographic
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Mineral Comparison

Mineral comparison score is based on the number of minerals by which one or the other food is richer. The "coverage" chart below show how much of the daily needs can be covered by 300 grams of the food
Contains more Iron +160.9%
Contains more Copper +13.2%
Contains more Phosphorus +28.6%
Contains more Calcium +71.4%
Contains more Potassium +61.2%
Contains more Magnesium +38.1%
Contains more Zinc +30%
Contains less Sodium -85.7%
Iron Calcium Potassium Magnesium Copper Zinc Phosphorus Sodium 23% 5% 25% 15% 29% 3% 12% 2%
Iron Calcium Potassium Magnesium Copper Zinc Phosphorus Sodium 9% 8% 40% 21% 26% 4% 9% 1%
Contains more Iron +160.9%
Contains more Copper +13.2%
Contains more Phosphorus +28.6%
Contains more Calcium +71.4%
Contains more Potassium +61.2%
Contains more Magnesium +38.1%
Contains more Zinc +30%
Contains less Sodium -85.7%

Vitamin Comparison

Vitamin comparison score is based on the number of vitamins by which one or the other food is richer. The "coverage" chart below show how much of the daily needs can be covered by 300 grams of the food
Contains more Vitamin C +50.4%
Contains more Vitamin A +5400%
Contains more Vitamin E +325%
Contains more Vitamin B1 +50%
Contains more Vitamin B6 +457.6%
Contains more Folate +71.4%
Equal in Vitamin B2 - 0.055
Equal in Vitamin B3 - 0.92
Equal in Vitamin B5 - 0.235
Vitamin C Vitamin A Vitamin E Vitamin D Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B3 Vitamin B5 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Vitamin K Folate 69% 1% 2% 0% 18% 12% 17% 16% 14% 0% 1% 11%
Vitamin C Vitamin A Vitamin E Vitamin D Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B3 Vitamin B5 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Vitamin K Folate 46% 7% 7% 0% 27% 13% 18% 15% 76% 0% 0% 18%
Contains more Vitamin C +50.4%
Contains more Vitamin A +5400%
Contains more Vitamin E +325%
Contains more Vitamin B1 +50%
Contains more Vitamin B6 +457.6%
Contains more Folate +71.4%
Equal in Vitamin B2 - 0.055
Equal in Vitamin B3 - 0.92
Equal in Vitamin B5 - 0.235

Vitamin and Mineral Summary Scores

Summary score is calculated by summing up the daily values contained in 300 grams of the product. Obviously the more the food fulfils human daily needs, the more the summary score is
Vitamin Summary Score
Mineral Summary Score

Macronutrients Comparison

Macronutrient comparison charts compare the amount of protein, total fats and total carbohydrates in 300 grams of the food. The displayed values show how much of the daily needs can be covered by 300 grams of the food

Comparison summary table

Pay attention at the most right column. It shows the amounts side by side, making it easier to realize the amount of difference.
Soursop Jackfruit
Lower in Sugars ok
Lower in Saturated Fat ok
Lower in glycemic index ok
Lower in price ok
Lower in Sodium ok
Lower in Cholesterol Equal
Rich in minerals Equal
Rich in vitamins Equal

Which food is preferable in case of diets?

is better in case of low diet
Soursop Jackfruit
Low Calories diet ok
Low Fats diet ok
Low Carbs diet ok
Low glycemic index diet ok

People also compare

Comparison summary

Which food contains less Sugars?
Soursop contains less Sugars (difference - 5.54g)
Which food is lower in Saturated Fat?
Soursop is lower in Saturated Fat (difference - 0.144g)
Which food is lower in glycemic index?
Soursop is lower in glycemic index (difference - 43)
Which food is cheaper?
Soursop is cheaper (difference - $0.5)
Which food contains less Sodium?
Jackfruit contains less Sodium (difference - 12mg)
Which food contains less Cholesterol?
The foods are relatively equal in Cholesterol (0 mg)
Which food is richer in minerals?
It cannot be definitely stated which food is richer in minerals. See charts below for detailed information.
Which food is richer in vitamins?
It cannot be definitely stated which food is richer in vitamins. See charts below for detailed information.

All nutrients comparison - raw data values

In the column "Opinion" we made some assumptions which could be controversial. For instance we are assuming that less saturated fats is good for you. Please ignore this column if you have your own opinion.We marked the nutrients, comparison of which we considered as not meaningful, as "N/A"
Nutrient Soursop Jackfruit Opinion
Calories 66 95 Jackfruit
Protein 1 1.72 Jackfruit
Fats 0.3 0.64 Jackfruit
Vitamin C 20.6 13.7 Soursop
Carbs 16.84 23.25 Jackfruit
Cholesterol 0 0
Vitamin D 0 Soursop
Iron 0.6 0.23 Soursop
Calcium 14 24 Jackfruit
Potassium 278 448 Jackfruit
Magnesium 21 29 Jackfruit
Sugars 13.54 19.08 Soursop
Fiber 3.3 1.5 Soursop
Copper 0.086 0.076 Soursop
Zinc 0.1 0.13 Jackfruit
Starch 1.47 Jackfruit
Phosphorus 27 21 Soursop
Sodium 14 2 Jackfruit
Vitamin A 2 110 Jackfruit
Vitamin E 0.08 0.34 Jackfruit
Vitamin D 0 Soursop
Vitamin B1 0.07 0.105 Jackfruit
Vitamin B2 0.05 0.055 Jackfruit
Vitamin B3 0.9 0.92 Jackfruit
Vitamin B5 0.253 0.235 Soursop
Vitamin B6 0.059 0.329 Jackfruit
Vitamin B12 0 0
Vitamin K 0.4 Soursop
Folate 14 24 Jackfruit
Trans Fat 0 0
Saturated Fat 0.051 0.195 Soursop
Monounsaturated Fat 0.09 0.155 Jackfruit
Polyunsaturated fat 0.069 0.094 Jackfruit
Tryptophan 0.011 0.034 Jackfruit
Threonine 0.086 Jackfruit
Isoleucine 0.069 Jackfruit
Leucine 0.103 Jackfruit
Lysine 0.06 0.069 Jackfruit
Methionine 0.007 0.034 Jackfruit
Phenylalanine 0.052 Jackfruit
Valine 0.086 Jackfruit
Histidine 0.034 Jackfruit
Fructose 9.19 Jackfruit


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